Believe and Commit

​Tell Your Story

​Control Your Environment

Eat Mindfully

Visualize Your Future

Document Your Journey

Practice Compassion

Reduce Stress

Delay Immediate Gratification

​Focus on Nutrient-Dense Foods


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​​​​the 20 billion dollar diet 




10 Scientifically proven principles of weight-loss success

​​Over 40 percent of Americans are overweight or obese, fueling an annual 20 billion dollar weight-loss industry.   

Authors Dr. Marina MacDonald and Judith McManus M.A. take a comprehensive approach to explain once and for all why Americans are getting fatter and how anyone can lose weight on their own. 

The 20 Billion Dollar Diet:

  • contains cutting-edge weight-loss research in the fields of psychology, nutrition, and neuroscience 
  • combines a personal success story with scientific studies
  • presents a simple and pragmatic plan that empowers you ​to achieve your goals  

If you want the definitive answer on weight-loss, ​The 20 Billion Dollar Diet is the book for you.